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TEXT Support

Inspirational TEXT Messages


As a Right Path Forward Client you have daily access to your coach through Text Messages at no extra charge.

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Download Docs

Free Downloadable Worksheets

As a Right Path Forward Client you will have free access to dozens of inspirational writings and helpful life plan worksheets.


Ministry of Reconciliation

Masters in Ministry - Ordained

Your Right Path Forward Coach earned a Masters in Ministry and received Ordination. Each session starts and ends with prayer. 


Masters in Psychology

Your coach earned a MSPsy

Your coach understands people both from a Biblical and psychological perspectives. He uses proven psychological principles only when they are supported by God's  word.  

Your Authentic 

Self In Christ

Find your Authentic Self In Christ while you walk with Right Path Christ-Centered Coaching


Free First Session

With your Right Path Coach

 You start with a free hour or more to talk with Robert Rigg, your Right Path Coach. We can meet in person or by  phone or with a personal video  conference. 


Road Map 

Personal Road Map to Change.

You'll develop your own personal Road Map to finding your Authentic Self in Christ.


The Right Path

You'll discover your Right Path 

With your coach you will begin to uncover the Right Path for your goals as the Lord directs your life path. 

Life Choices

Healthy Life

Regular Check-in Assessment

Regular Check-ins are an important part of a successful coaching Experience. You and your coach will assess  your personal progress regularly. 

Renew Your Mind

And get back on the Right Path

Running from the bear, running from your fears

Running from the bear is a great analogy for how, at some time, we all start to run from our fears, hurts, resentments, regrets, guilt and many more destructive beliefs and emotions.

Facing those fears and replacing them with God’s truth is one approach we will explore to help you get back on the Right Path.

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Right Path Forward Christ-Centered Coaching Philosophy

The coaching philosophy of Right Path Forward Christ-Centered Coaching is to encourage the client to discover their own intrinsic motivation for change by walking alongside the client encouraging “exploration and amplification of personal values, dreams and visions” (Williams, P., and Menendez, 2007, p. 119). We will use the skills mentioned to foster self-motivation and intrinsic motivation (p. 119).  As the client’s intrinsic motivation grows, we partner with the client to develop their goals and personal action plan to achieve those goals by supporting their motivational, behavioral and spiritual change. We believe the client already has what they need to change, the best results come when we walk together with the Lord to facilitate your personal change. Our mission is to walk alongside the client as they discover a deeper more intimate relationship with God while achieving the client’s identified goals. We at Right Path Forward Christ-Centered Coaching wish to walk with the client as they seek their Authentic Self in Christ.

Set Free

Right Path  Christ-Centered Coaching 

will help you reduce your unwanted negative beliefs and set you free to accept God's Truths about you and life. 

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